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Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches are custom manufactured by stitching threads onto a fabric backing of any shape and size. Choose from hundreds of thread types and colors to create your unique design. Best for a simple design. Embroidered patches have a rich texture that and delivers a classic look.

Woven Patches

Woven Patches are created by weaving threads onto a fabric backing - the weaving technique allows for a denser construction with great level of detail. Choose from hundreds of thread types and colors. Best for detailed complex designs. Small details are best seen in woven patches.

Printed Patches

Printed Patches use industrial printing techniques to create colorful, super detailed designs. There are virtually zero color restrictions to consider when creating these incredible patches. Best for a realistic photographic like patch. Captures subtle details and colors in high quality. Great for high detailed designs and text.

PVC Patches

PVC Patches are 3D sculpted and molded using different colors plastic polymers. There are a variety of thicknesses and backing options to consider when creating these resilient patches. Best for durability and precise designs. PVC patches are made from flexible, durable PVC that express clear, detailed designs.

Chenille Patches

Chenille Patches use a vaulted yarn weave to create fluffy, 3D designs that are perfect for collegiate patches. Select from a large variety of colors and layering options to design these patches. Best for a textured look. These patches will elevate any design with its unique texture.

Leather Patches

Leather Patches are custom manufactured by embossing or stitching basic designs onto leather backings - from faux styles to the real deal. Submit your design and select your favorite embossing technique to customize. Best for designs with limited colors. Leather patches have an authentic, classic feel to clothing and accessories.

Sequin Patches

Gorgeous and Shiny Metallic Look. Sequins are usually made of 2mm or 3mm round reflective metal sheets, and these fixed-size sheets do not display details well. The highlights are bold, colorful simple fonts or reflections of different colors。Best for a simple design.

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